iPad Mini

The latest Apple buzz is about the new smaller iPad Mini. It is expected to be released on November 2nd. The cost is expected to be under $300 which may prove to be the iPad competition’s worst nightmare. The 7.8 inch iPad with the 1024-by-768 screen may be just enough to bridge the gap between iPod and iPad. Read more @ The Apple Insider.

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Apple Acquires HTML5 firm

CNET reported that Apple acquired Particle, a small startup firm that specializes in HTML5 Web and Web app work.Particle has done HTML5 work for Google, Motorola, Yahoo, Sony, Amazon, and Apple in the past. Apple says the small firm was acquired for it’s talents rather than any specific project, but anyone with an IDevice knows the pain of not having Flash. So why not foster the development of a Flashless Web? If you would like to read more check out the article at MacRumors

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IOS App size

IOS Apps have increased in size about 16% between March and September 2012. And games have increased in size to about 42% during the same time period. Hope you have more space on your IDevice. The increase is thought to be because Over-The-Air App store download limit went from 20MB to 50MB.They also think it could be because The New IPad with retina display. Read more here


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FBI-SOS Cyber Safety Site

The FBI revamped the SOS (Safe Online Surfing) website for teacher to educate students about cyber safety. “FBI-SOS is a fun, free, and effective way to teach kids how to use the Internet safely and responsibly,” says Scott McMillion. Read the Article or check out the FBI-SOS site

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Flash Security Update

Adobe released a new update for their Flash Player 11.4.402.278 and earlier to address multiple security issues. Check it out here. If you want to update your version of Adobe Flash Player click here.


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Spam Free

So yes, I added a new plugin. and it is called Spam Free. This is fun 🙂

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Just so you guys are aware. I do allow comments but only ones that are NOT spam. And yes they are monitored.

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Better Facebook Update

Well I noticed that Batter Facebook was no longer working. After some digging I found that they changed the name of the plug-in to Social Fixer all the menus are the same. For more information click here.

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Facebook Top Story

After a few thousand update and many complaints, Facebook feels it know what MY “Top Stories” are. I say, “Sorry Charlie, I don’t think so. I want to be the controller of the information I seek.” I have looked on my forums and blogs about it and really found nothing. I did find where if you change the language from English US to English UK that would fix it. Well it did for a few days. Then it went right back to the old way with Top Stories at the top of my news feed.

A while ago I used a FireFox extension called Better Facebook and thought I would try it again. Guess what, it fixed it.

Here are the steps if you use Firefox:

1. Click on Tools –> Add-Ons
2. In the search area in the top right corner type “Better Facebook” (without the quotes).
3. Click install, and restart Firefox.
4. Login to Facebook and follow the wizard that pops up. You should see the screen above, make sure you put a check mark in “Force the news feed to be chronological”
5. Click next all the way through and when your done with all 10 screens you will notice your Facebook change.

At a later date if you want to tinker more with Better Facebook there are some cool features, like themes, but none as cool as fixing Top Stories.

This does not only work on Firefox, it works on Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Grease-Monkey web browsers.

NOTE: This will not work on Internet Explorer.

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