FaceBook Auto-Play videos

FaceBook recently changed the way they do videos in the News Feed. As of March they Auto-Play, and on a computer it is ok because you’re not paying for data but on a phone that’s a different story. SOOOO here is how to stop the videos from auto-playing. 

IOS: Settings –> FaceBook –> Settings –> Auto-Play –> [Off/Wi-Fi only/On]

Android: In the FaceBook APP select the three lines to the right of the globe –> Scroll all the way down to the Help & Settings section –> App Settings –> Video Auto-Play –> [Off/WiFi Only/On]

Computer: Select the down arrow on the blue bar to the right of the lock –> On the Left menu select Videos –> [On/Off]

Hope you find this helpful Share with your friends and family this will save your data usage on phones and 3G iPads.

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