7 Facebook Stats you should know…

Check out the things you should know about Facebook comments and likes… 7 Facebook Stats

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Well Apple is staying with the times. There is a new Wireless standard called 802.11ac. This is supposed to be faster than 802.11n in the same distance. That being said, Apple is adding the new standard to it’s Airports and MacBook Airs. Apple did this and they are now having issues with the new standard. Go figure, the Bleeding Edge. Read more here.

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Google Ending Support for Google Catalogs

This app made it’s debut on the iPad in 2011 and was an attempt to bring users rich content. Google will be ending support for this app on August 15th.

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First Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Today was the first Patch Tuesday of 2013 and here is what it entails:
There are two updates marked as critical, one for the print spooler, and one for the XML Core Service.
The other five are marked important. Only one of the five is marked servers only, all the others are for Windows XP to 8.

This post was made possible by Randy Smith. If you would like to subscribe to Randy Smith’s alerts go to Ultimate Windows Security and put in your email address at the bottom of the page and hit submit.


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Internet Security 2012 Removal

The following post is a short video I found on YouTube. It is about how to remove Internet Security 2012, which is not something you want on your computer.


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Phone Scam

I just got a phone call from “The Computer Dept” telling me my computer was infected and he was going to walk me through “cleaning it” funny how he hung up after I told him on the side of my “Ctrl Key” was the “option key” (means I have a MAC) FYI if any of you get a call from this number (212) 456‑789‍0, this is a New York number, it is a scam and I am sure they will have you download some sort of virus or malware that will compromise your computer. If you call the number back it comes up with a recording saying “You have reached an unassigned number at ABC” then hangs up. I logged into Comcast’s site and noticed this number has tried calling me MANY times over the past week. Silly silly person on the other end of the phone, don’t you know what I do for a living? Anyway people please be aware. These calls are NOT real. If you fell victim to this scam and don’t know what to do, download Malwarebytes install and scan. You can purchase it for about $29 which gives you the ability to schedule scans and automatic updates.



** Please note Tux Nation is no way shape or form affiliated with Malwarebytes or the people that distribute or create it. **
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Google Chrome Update

If you use Google Chrome you should update to version 23.0.1271.95. Google released this update to fix multiple vulnerabilities that could cause denial of service and even execute code on your computer. No computer is safe from these attacks, unless of course if you don’t have Chrome installed. This includes Mac, Windows, and yes even ChromeFrame. If you would like to read more check out the article.

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Western Digital 4TB Drives

Western Digital 4TB Black Label Drive designed for desktops?

Western Digital 4TB Drive

Western Digital 4TB Drives











The current 4TB drives on the market are slow and mainly used for external drives, but Western Digital is trying to change that with it’s Black Label 4TB drive. Running at 7,200RPM while packing 64MB of cache, dual processing and a two-stage actuator that together keep the drive working at full burn. The cost of this monster is about $339, the SATA 6Gbps drive undoubtedly carries a premium in trying to be the best of all worlds. Western Digital has combined space and speed at a cost that may not be too hard to swallow for the space/speed junkies.

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iTunes portal for Donation

Apple activated a portal in the iTunes store which allows you to donate to the American Red Cross, to help in relief efforts of the victims of Franken-Storm Sandy. This is an awesome idea, this gives people around the world a chance to help as much as they want. Way to go Apple for thinking about people as people and not iDevice carriers. Read more here

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FBI Cyber Division Focusing on Hackers

The FBI has finally started looking at the Hackers and Intrusions in the Cyber world. The FBI is considering Hackers and Intrusions “a threat to national security”. All I can say is “about time”. They should have got ahead of this horse when it first started going down the road. If you would like to read the full article click here.

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