Raspberry Pi Webmin

A while ago I had purchased a couple of Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. The intention was to cluster them together  make some sort of cheap “super computer” out of them. I know  I know  I know, I would need a lot more than just two to make a “super computer”.

Time went on started using one for a . It worked pretty well. The only issue I had was with adding more and more plugins the Raspberry Pi quickly ran out of resources. So I built an old PC to replace it. With the other Pi I created a DNS server, I followed the instructions . It was pretty simple and it has been pretty solid for the last 6 months.

I was curious as to what my DNS server was doing and how it was acting, since there was no head on it (monitor, keyboard, and mouse). To allow me to control my Pi I decided to utilize a control panel called Webmin, it is Open Source and relatively simple to use. I used the following .


Now I am able to keep an eye on my Pi and also keep it up to date.


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