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There is an article in  that talks about fraudulent Tech support scams, Identity theft, and Ransomware attacks. It also goes over some tips on how to prevent and, in the case where it happens to you, recover.
Some of the tips are to make your logins strong. It used to be that a user name and password were good enough, well not any more. There are three parts that can be used to authenticate you as being you.

The First is “Who you are” – this is a user name of some sort whether it is an email address or your name.

The Second is “What you know” – this is a password. It should be strong (At least 8 characters, upper and lower case letters, numbers, and some sort of special character). The password would should also not be a word found in the dictionary. For example, this would be considered a strong password: ugS1QdAz3%5g
You could also use a sentence or phrase that may be easier to remember, for example: ILoveToDrinkCoffee@3am

The Third is “What you have” – this is an added layer of security that is something you possess such as a finger print, a retina scan also called “iris scanner”, or an APP such as “Google Authenticator” which has a randomly generated number which you will have to enter along with your user name and password. The Third is also known as “2-Step Verification” or “2-Step Authentication”.

Please keep in mind, that every website has their own security standards, so if your bank site does not have “2-Step Verification” you can’t use it.

Keep a good backup. A cloud backup service like for about $5/month paid yearly @ $59.99/year, is short money for knowing your files are safe. You don’t have to use the Carbonite service, I am not affiliated with them nor am I promoting for them. I am merely suggesting a service “like”

Keep your computer clean. As an IT professional the question I get all the time is “What is the best Anti-Virus software out there?” and to be 100% honest I don’t review software. However an article from stated that McAfee Anti-virus Plus (2017) was the best.
Also keep your computer up to date. Updates are important to close exploits or “holes” in your computer.

And the most important tip, is if it looks fishy flush it. A good Tech Support engineer should NEVER ask for your password. The assumption is that you will be right there with that person to enter it when and if it is needed.


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