People vs Veople

DataFlowAs you can gather from the title I am going to compare people to Veople (Virtual People). I would like to start off by stating that I am NOT a professional in any field of human behavior. I am an IT Professional in my 40s. I am just someone who observes and puts two and two together.
The technology today is great as it is making life easier and easier, but there is a cost associated with that “ease”. For example: car manufacturers are creating cars that park themselves. The cost? We no longer need to know how to back into a parking spot and we lose that knowledge. The biggest loss is our ability to interact with each other. When today’s youth goes into the work force and have to speak with people and not Veople, they will be lost. They don’t know how to laugh, but they know how to “LOL” and “LMFAO”. As Veople we don’t have the non-verbal communication skills needed to hold a meaningful conversation. Words are words and only a fraction of a conversation: there are actions, pitches, and volume in someone voice that no matter what is said is taken a certain way. So what does that mean for us Veople? The people of today’s society that can’t view or hear those variations? It means they never learn how to effectively use them and they then become monotone and lack passion or conviction when they have to speak with someone face to face.
When did this start you may be asking yourself. Well, to be honest, I believe it started with the invention of the television set. At first, it was a gathering place for families to sit and be entertained. Then it grew into a babysitter (mostly because both parents had to work to make ends meet) and from there it has spiraled out of control.
How do we fix this? Do we go “DARK” and hope for the best? Do we evolve technology to show emotion? What if, and only if, we teach our children at a young age how to speak with someone, and what it is like to have passion and conviction without being rude? What if 2 or 3 hours out of the day, parents, the biggest influence in a child’s world, have “Analog Time” where all technology is off and in the other room and conversations are held with meaning? Who knows? Those are only a few ideas as I go back to my first sentence: I am NOT a professional; I am only someone who observes.
In conclusion, the smarter we make technology the less intelligent we make “Joe Public”. We are losing the ability to hold verbal conversation with someone, the ability to park a car, drive a stick shift, and soon even drive a car all together. We are all slowly becoming Veople with no end in sight. The only world I can change is mine and hope others adopt my culture. So the next time you are having a conversation with someone via text: be it AIM, Skype, or Facebook, pick up the phone and call that person. The sound of your voice would mean a lot more.

I would like to thank my wonderful girlfriend for giving this the once over.

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