Apple 10.10.3 Update Crash

In the beginning of the second quarter of 2015, Apple released update for Yosemite. This update is over 1.2GB in size and adds new features like the new . Although, that is not the reason why I am blogging, the reason is simple, it crashed my laptop HARD. Yep, after the install my laptop rebooted and then displayed a kernel panic.

It took me a few searches to find the a solution.

This is what I found, there is an app called that controls the webcam on your Mac and PC that was installed on my laptop. And wouldn’t you know, the kernel extension it uses is not compatible with update 10.10.3.

The resolution pretty easy;

1. Boot into Safe Mode (Hold the shift key down once you hear the start up sound, and release it once you see the apple) as noted .

2. Uninstall ManyCam

3. Open Finder and navigate to Library/Extensions  and delete the ManyCamVideoDeviceDriver.kext as outlined .

4. Reboot your computer

Please note, if you have encrypted drives you will be required to enter your password while opening the computer in Safe Mode.

After reading the forums on Apple’s site about the update I feel we could be seeing a few more updates in the near future.


Thank you for reading, I hope this was informative.


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