Samsung Galaxy S5 WiFi

Recently I added a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active to my cell phone household. When doing so I noticed that my Facebook app took a very long time to load pictures and even indicated that there was a network error.
Being an IT guy this drove me nuts. I would put the phone in airplane mode and turn WiFi on and it would work without issues. It seemed to only be happening when WiFi and cellular were on, almost like they were fighting. After searching around the internet I thought I would try a few things to alleviate the issue. Below is a list of some steps taken that failed to produce the desired results:
1. Turns the WiFi to 802.11g
2. Turned down the security to WPA
3. Removed the security
4. Throttled the throughput to 54Mbps
5. Connected the phone to 5GHz instead of 2.4GHz
6. Downloaded and ran WiFi Fixer app on the phone
7. Downloaded and ran WiFi Analyzer app on the phone
8. Set a static IP on the phone
9. Checked for firmware updates on the phone as it is still on 4.4.2 (Come on AT&T feel free to update us soon)
10. checked for a firmware for my router
11. Contacted Samsung and did a factor reset on my phone (I tried to avoid that as much as possible)

And to no avail none of the of the above worked.

My router is a NetGear WNDR4500 on Firmware version V1.0.1.40_1.0.68, and it is about 3 years old.
Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active from AT&T running 4.4.2

After a few months of scratching my head and killing my data I was just about to setup a different router when I stumbled on something. I remember reading a few forum posts complaining about how the phones didn’t like “new routers”, so that got me thinking, what’s “new” in the networking world. Then it hit me AHHH HAAAA IPV6. I turned off IPV6 and BAAAAAMMMMMM the phone connects to the internet, images on FaceBook load without issue. Go figure!!!

IPV6 was developed to allow for the growing number of network connected devices in the world. The issue I have is my little network of say 15 devices will not running out of IPs so IPV6 is not needed at my house.

To sum it up, my router had IPV6 turned on by default and wasn’t causing any issues until just recently. Turning it off turned out to fix my issues. Hope this helps anyone else struggling with this same issue.

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