Apple Features

I went looking around a found a couple cool features I think you will enjoy.

Control Center





Control Panel
From the lock screen instead of sliding your finger to the right to unlock your phone, slide it up, that will give you access to some embedded features.







Automatic UpdateSenator John McCain suggested this feature to the CEO of Apple and *poof* there it is. This feature automatically updates your apps so you no longer have to manually do it.


Photo Filters





Photo Filters
Now you have 9 basic filters you can choose from while taking a picture. Not a back addition.


Dynamic Wallpapers





Dynamic Wallpapers
This is pretty cool as it uses the gyro in the phone to determine which end is up. If you set a Dynamic Wallpaper on the lock screen and tilt your phone, the bubbles will go to the bottom of the screen, if you rotate it they will follow. Currently there are 7 screens to choose from.


All in all not too bad so far. I haven’t run into any problems.

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